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TechInformed writes:

Hyundai’s heavy industries division Avikus claims to have completed the world’s first autonomous navigation of a large ship across the ocean, sailing from the Gulf of Mexico to South Korea.

Avikus, which specialises in autonomous navigation, and the shipping freight firm SK Shipping, jointly announced the successful completion of the voyage, undertaken by the ultra-large, liquefied natural gas carrier, Prism Courage.

The 180,000 square-meter LGN ship was equipped with Avikus’s AI-powered HiNAS 2.0, which Hyundai claims can create optimal routes and speeds based on Hyundai Global Service’s integrated smartship solution.

The Level 2 self-steering tech claims to recognise the surrounding environment – weather and wave heights – as well as nearby ships and then controls the vessel’s steering commands in real-time.

The system was used to steer the vessel for half of its 20,000KM journey. The other half of the test crossing still required human navigation and most of the route was in the open sea…

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