Signature Global Networks’ (SGN) founder, Kristy Guo-Cuilan, is an award winning Chinese-born Australian. She is an influencer, speaker and author of the Amazon top selling book ‘Changemakers’. Kristy is a very enthusiastic and significant female leader, well-known for her passion, positivity, and unique personality, which brings light, power, and energy to people’s lives.

SGN is an independent network that focuses on the principles of quality, trust, relationship-building and mutual synergies. The network has global coverage whose purpose is to bring knowledgeable people and logistics companies together to help save their clients’ supply chains with the intention of changing purely commercial relationships into ones that are people-caring and deliver win-win outcomes.

SGN’s current membership has around 45 offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, USA, Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, India, UK, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and Singapore. Members include freight forwarders such as Euro Cargo, HLS, CIMC, Shanghai Hanyang, Genel Transport and e-commerce companies such as CCL.

SGN is currently accepting new members. Ms Guo-Cuilan comments “Our network is growing every week and is in a very healthy state. SGN brings a unique ethos and solution to the market at a time when people are struggling to get the supply chain solutions they need to thrive – come and join us.”

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