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NeX, the cutting-edge eCommerce supply chain logistics network, has celebrated its first soft launch event alongside strategic partners the ATEM Group and Neutral Air Partner.

NeX is an international group of experts focused on advancing the interests of the eCommerce supply chain logistics industry. This is a strategic partnership that brings together a collective of industry-leading providers committed to delivering seamless omni-channel fulfilment operations, cross-border transportation, distribution, return logistics, and end-to-end e-supply chain management.

In addition, the network has recently appointed new CEO, Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt. Handpicked for his exceptional leadership skills and expertise in the industry, Justus is dedicated to driving growth and shaping his strong vision for the company – to position NeX as a global leader in the e-commerce industry and deliver immense value to all stakeholders.

NeX’s Soft Launch event, which was held in Greece last month, surpassed all expectations for the global network. Despite the short notice, the event witnessed an impressive turnout of industry experts, freight forwarders, and airlines.

Highlights of the event included an industry-leading panel discussion on “The Future of E-commerce Logistics”, plus an official NeX dinner which brought guests together to celebrate, network, and connect.

Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt, CEO of NeX Ltd and Rudee Bertie, CEO of the ATEM Group, have also taken the chance to speak to IDX TV about what they feel about the NeX Soft Launch. Click here to watch full interview.

Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt, CEO of NeX Ltd

“The quality of speakers and participants we had from the e-com supply chain industry was truly best in class and the feedback we got from both industry experts, and freight forwarder and airlines, was excellent, all the way. Plus, the venue provided by Neutral Air Partner as our host, was perfect for a soft launch like ours.

With NeX I think we are creating something that has not been seen yet – our platform connects the leading tech companies in our industry with a network of specialists, creating a formidable global network that really makes the difference.”

Rudee Bertie, CEO of the ATEM Group

The build-up to the event was quite a relaxed one, the intention being to make guests feel relaxed and really soak up the atmosphere. I wanted the experience to be a positive one that left people feeling like they’d taken away some real value from the event.

NeX was created to be the supply chain hub in eCommerce logistics, and I think we are well on our way in creating that and more. I’ve been inundated with messages of congratulations on the soft launch event – and the excitement looking ahead is overwhelming. The official kick off launch in the autumn, will be epic, I can see it..”

Christos Spyrou, CEO of Neutral Air Partner.

“NeX is an innovative platform that will revolutionise the eCommerce supply chain industry. We are proud to partner with the ATEM Group to create the most advanced network of supply chain experts. NeX will provide members with the tools and resources they need to stay competitive in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape with the power of NAP. NeX members benefit from the global reach of e-commerce experts, building trust in a complex sector, express mail and freight buying power, advanced e-logistics community tools, omnichannel network operations, global contracts with carriers and postal operators, volume incentive schemes, and industry recognition of excellence,”

Mourad Aoun, CEO of the NET Global, Founding member of NeX e-commerce.

“NEX is created as a unique e-commerce eco-system, bringing together all players from different sides of the wall to a round table that will innovate and evolve to contribute to the growth of the e-commerce industry, globally.” Mourad Aoun, CEO of the NET Global, Founding member of NeX e-commerce.