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Ambitious independent logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group has launched the next phase of its in-house designed innovative IT system Leonardo and is already supporting more than 200 of its customers with the enhanced, streamlined technology.

LeoWeb is the next stage of Europa’s £3m Leonardo system, a flexible and responsive online portal for customers which offers the facility to book shipments, as well as functionality for shipment tracking and freight labelling.

Europa has already signed up more than 200 of its customers to use the system, with 80 more accounts in the pipeline.

IT Director at Europa Worldwide Group Richard Litchfield said that now Leonardo was fully embedded across the business with its various features, including LeoCab which seamlessly connects Europa’s drivers with its operations teams, all running smoothly, now was the perfect time to extend the benefits directly to its customers.

He said: “LeoWeb is an excellent addition to our suite of services, making the process of booking and monitoring shipments completely transparent and accessible. LeoWeb allows our customers to do a whole host of actions, such as uploading documents relating to specific shipments via the online portal, labelling their own freight exactly as they want it to be labelled and monitoring the exact movements of their shipments from wherever they are in the world with the click of a button.

“Since launching LeoWeb we’ve been delighted with the rate of take-up of the service from our customers. The system has taken off so quickly and has genuinely accelerated beyond our initial expectations. It makes the administration of shipments so much easier for our customers, allowing them to label shipments themselves and simplifying the whole process so it is as seamless as possible.”

Sales Director at Europa Dionne Redpath added: “The branch team is delighted with the introduction of LeoWeb – it’s sheer simplicity and effectiveness make it super easy to implement and support and customers love it because the benefits realised are significant. 

“LeoWeb nestles harmoniously into our customers’ processes so much so that it removes workload and duplication within the customers’ own dispatch flow – add to that the very simplistic tracking and readily accessible POD and no wonder customers have been keen to implement the portal into their businesses.”

A Europa customer who is now using LeoWeb regularly said: “We are finding this system very convenient and easy to find our way around. It saves so much time for us not having to type up e-mails for every shipment. The daily manifest is also helping us to keep track of all shipments being picked up, as opposed to handfuls of paper which can get mixed up easily. LeoWeb has certainly made our job easier.”

Richard added: “We’ve had excellent feedback on LeoWeb from across the board. Customers are telling us that they really like the function of inputting information directly into our system as it speeds up the process and is completely straightforward.

“The next phase of Leonardo, called LeoFinance, will extend the LeoWeb offering even further by giving customers the ability to manage payments online and to access invoices and statements at the click of a button. We also have ambitions, in time, to develop an app based version of the function providing true on-the-go visibility. We’re expecting equally positive feedback on this addition to our suite of services.”

Europa currently has 25 in-house IT experts working on Leonardo and has taken the decision to expand the team even further over the coming months given the popularity of and growing demand for Leonardo’s functions.

Europa Worldwide Group is a specialist road, air & sea and warehouse operator which employs more than 650 staff across 11 sites in the UK and Hong Kong. Turnover is on target to exceed £200m by the end of 2018.