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Almost 15 years after starting her first company – Universal Freight Organisation (est. 2000) and Project Cargo Network (est. 2010) – and to complete her trio of networks, Rachel Humphrey recently launched Cargo Connections. The new network offers a Restricted Representation policy, which means membership will only be offered to a limited number of freight forwarders who offer air, sea and road freight services per country.

Based in the UK, Cargo Connections was formed in the summer of 2014 by Rachel and her skilled team who collectively have over 35 years’ experience in managing and developing freight forwarder organisations. The goal of Cargo Connections is to provide independent forwarders access to a trusted, worldwide network of general cargo agents who can handle their shipments, whilst working professionally and safely under a strict Code of Conduct.

Cargo Connections has a cutting-edge website www.cargoconnections.net and offers innovative benefits including personalized Marketing Websites for each Member, based on a company specific URL. The Marketing Websites are complemented by PDF versions which can be printed and taken to sales meetings. The sites are designed so that they scale automatically on smartphone/mobile devices. With regards to communication, Cargo Connections has developed several email systems which unite their worldwide offices to ensure seamless operations.

Rachel says “I have noticed over the past 15 years that 2 facts have not changed; independent forwarders need each other and high quality networks continue to bring them together to ensure the sustained success of these privately owned often family run companies. As Cargo Connections is primarily about acquiring, building and maintaining business relationships, we have developed our own Interactive News Feed and Smartphone Service. Networking has long proven to be a major role in business marketing and the online tools we provide enable our Members to make the most of technological advances.”

Members are selected due to their excellent reputations within the industry and their accreditation by international authorities. They will also have passed a strict entry procedure. An annual Quality Control Survey and online Money Monitor system are designed to ensure continued high performance levels.

Recruitment Director, Sam Wilcox adds “Each company is required to be an active Member, prepared to reciprocate business and attend our Annual Assembly in order to develop business within the spirit of Cargo Connections. Our aim is to only recruit professional, pro-active agents and we expect all Members to work ‘within the spirit of Cargo Connections’, which means:

•               Respond to emails within 24 hours
•               Pay invoices on time
•               Communicate if things go wrong
•               Give fellow Members the opportunity to quote on new business
•               Attend our Annual Assembly

This policy will make for a valuable and profitable future for the whole network.”

For more details, please visit www.cargoconnections.net

Rachel’s trio of networks:
1.       www.universalfreightorg.com
2.      www.projectcargonetwork.com
3.      www.cargoconnections.net


Universal Freight Organisation (UFO) was formed in January 2000 and today the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified association boasts representation in 120+ countries. UFO are proud to have maintained a ‘One Member per Country’ policy (with the exception of USA and China), making them one of the only remaining exclusive freight forwarder networks in the world.

Project Cargo Network (PCN) was formed in August 2010, as an organisation dedicated to the world’s top project cargo and heavy lift specialists who want to increase their business by either referring one another or doing business directly with one another. The network is now an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified association with over 235 Members located in more than 105 countries.

Cargo Connections was formed in the summer of 2014 and offers Restricted Representation, which means membership will only be offered to a limited number of freight forwarders who offer air, sea and road freight services per country. With a cutting-edge website, Cargo Connections offers innovative membership benefits including a useful Smartphone Service.