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With an ambitious vision to enhance children’s environmental education through the magic of storytelling, newly created children’s edutainer Annie Mals has established early support from
international freight forwarder Cardinal Global Logistics.

Last week Annie Mals released its first book, Freddie the Jellyfish, tackling the ongoing problem of ocean pollution in an informative and fun way for children aged 5+. With the hope of providing copies of Freddie to primary school’s across the UK, Emily Samuels founder and creator of Annie Mals, has raised a call to action for UK businesses to support the programme.

Emily was delighted when Cardinal Global Logistics, with a group turnover of £500m, quickly stepped up in support of the initiative. Emily explains; “I believe we all have a duty to protect our planet and support our children’s learning. As a parent myself I’m incredibly passionate about educating our next
generation in a proactive and age-appropriate way. I believe storytelling creates an opportunity for children to escape into a magical world and begin a learning journey.

“We have all seen in recent years that our world has changed. From increased focus on the importance of self-care, to ongoing concerns of the future of our planet, our children today are faced daily with a barrage of challenges and additional worries. By creating considered content and making it readily available to all children we can create opportunities that drive positive change. Our oceans are battling to provide the habitat that hosts extraordinary beauty, pollution has become a topic that as adults we are aware of but that knowledge isn’t easily cascading to younger generations. I hope that Freddie and additional Annie Mals driven activities can help bridge that gap.”

Brian Hay, Cardinal CEO further adds; “Community and environmental initiatives remain important to us as a business. Emily’s vision to create something truly impactful for children’s learning related to caring about the world around us is a natural fit within our established sustainability programme. We are delighted to be supporting such a worthy cause and look forward to hearing abut the positive learning experiences created by the Annie Mals team across UK primary schools.”

Emily now hopes many more businesses within multiple sectors will also see the value in collaborating on such an important topic. For more information about the book donation programme and anything else please contact Kelly Hobson, CEO of Annie Mals on +44 (0)7359 243959 or [email protected]

Company information

Emily Samuels, founder of Annie Mals, is an award winning charity fundraiser and mum of two boys. Emily has turned life-changing problems of severe epilepsy and partial sight with a remarkable call to action by raising millions of pounds for a raft of charities in the UK and overseas. This led to her and fellow trustees of the Red Sea Pedestrians charity being awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Contributions.

Emily explains; “I dedicate Annie Mals to children around the world in the hope they can turn adversity into positive change.”

Annie Mals secured an initial £500k investment in March 2022 from Pembroke VCT. Andrew Wolfson, CEO of Pembroke Investment Managers states; “When we first met Emily and heard her story we admired how she had conquered her own personal challenges. It was overcoming these very challenges that gave her the resilience and drove the inspiration for Annie Mals.

A series of books will be released from November 2022 targeting 3-5 and 6-8 year olds covering a multitude of topics linked to environmental, societal and self-care topics. From early 2023 there will be Annie Mals animations released and several brand partnerships announced.

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