• Texel Air Australasia was officially launched on Saturday 10 June 2023 from Auckland International Airport as New Zealand’s newest airline operating the B737- 800BCF.


  • Texel Air Australasia will be adding two additional B737-800BCFs to the fleet by December 2023.


  • Texel Air, an established cargo airline and MRO based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is expanding operations into Australasia with the B737- 800BCF, the industry benchmark aircraft supporting regional logistic operators.


  • Texel Air Bahrain operates Boeing 737 freighter aircraft from Bahrain International Airport with two B737-700FC aircraft, two B737-800BCF aircraft and one B737-300F aircraft.


  • Texel Air was established in Bahrain in 2013 by Chisholm Enterprises WLL.  The New Zealand operations increase the group fleet to six aircraft with further aircraft on order for delivery to New Zealand during 2023.


  • Texel Air Bahrain has been operating the B737-300F (A9C – APC) in New Zealand since 3 April 2023 under contract to NZ Post/Parceline Express in preparation for the arrival of the B737-800 (MSN 29985) ZK-TXE. The New Zealand operations have been supported by flight crew and engineers from Bahrain.


The venture into Australasia initially commenced with domestic operations in New Zealand under contract for launch customers Parceline Express and NZ Post.

Saturday 10 June 2023 marked the official launch of the New Zealand airline in Auckland.  The event hosted by Boeing, was held in the NZ Post hangar where ZK – TXE aircraft was on display.  In attendance during the evening were representatives from Government agencies, delegates from the aviation industry as well as major logistics companies from New Zealand and Australia. Joining those attendees were representatives of the Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority.

The Texel Air group plans to expand its fleet to ten aircraft by 2026 primarily flying in Australia and New Zealand and between the two countries supporting clients through ACMI services for the express, post and general cargo markets.

Texel Air Australasia will benefit from a proven 10 years of operational experience from Texel Air Bahrain to establish an enduring and stable bond between the two distant island nations of New Zealand and Bahrain.

John Chisholm, Chairman for Texel Air said “We are already very proud of our reputable and successful operation in Bahrain but to have the opportunity to replicate and launch an airline in my home country of New Zealand makes me even more proud. It is the culmination of my life’s work in the cargo and logistics industries in the Middle East. 


These next steps are sure to create employment opportunities and boost economic growth within New Zealand and Australia. This, of course, could not have been achieved without the long-standing relationship I have developed over the years with the Government of Bahrain, the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication and the Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs.  I sincerely appreciate their continued support of our business development both locally and globally.  The opportunity we have to host representatives of the Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs at our launch, will initiate a permanent relationship with New Zealand’s aviation regulatory authority and in turn unfold further opportunities in the aviation and logistics sectors between the two countries.”


George Chisholm, Director of Texel Air, said “Appreciation goes to our employees in both locations for their dedication and support to enable the growth and expansion of our company into a different region of the world.”  He expressed excitement for the new opportunities the company has identified and looks forward to watching the development advance for many years to come.”



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