Mariel Container Terminal Cuba 1

Mariel Container Terminal (TCM) in Cuba has announced that the dredging of the channel to accommodate Neo Panamax vessels has been completed. Buoys have been relocated as per new channel dimensions, allowing the terminal to receive vessels of up to 366-metres long, 52-metres wide, and 15-metres deep.

The port of Mariel is ideally positioned in the Caribbean region. It is located 45 km from Havana, the capital of Cuba, in a protected deep-water bay. It is in the centre of the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), a project that promotes the sustainable economic development of Cuba, through the attraction of foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration, while guaranteeing the protection of the environment. An efficient rail and road network connects the ZEDM with Havana and Cuba’s main population centres.

“Thanks to our infrastructure, our privileged geographic location on the north-south and east-west routes, a reliable workforce and high levels of security, TCM is well-positioned to continue to grow. The deepening of the access channel marks another milestone for the port and will add to the strengths of TCM.” said Martin Jose Spini, General Manager of TCM.