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Transport Intelligence Report: Total Logistics 2018


Total Logistics offers a concise, easy to understand view of the industry. 

The report:

- Looks at the current state of the overall logistics market from a range of perspectives

- Assesses the factors that have shaped the logistics market in the past and those that will transform it in the future

- Analyses the key strategic decisions that have to be made in light of the most important trends, risks and challenges facing the sector

- Examines the key regional differences across the world as well as viewing the benefits and risks of globalized supply chains

The report then features in-depth analysis of the air cargo, container shipping, express and parcels, rail freight, freight forwarding, contract logistics and intermodal markets. This features the key characteristics of each market, as well as viewing its development and structure.

Ti also sizes the logistics market, giving the breakdown of the size of each market globally, as well as in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. The report also features forecasts of the compound annual growth rate for the next four years in these regions.

Ti gives details of the key technologies disrupting the industry. As supply chains become more complex, the development of new solutions that provide greater visibility, more information and increased efficiency can give vital competitive advantages.

Inside this report

  • Total logistics market sizing
  • Segmentation by logistics market from top to bottom
  • Forecast growth to 2021
  • Outlook for the major trends shaping logistics in 2018
  • Exclusive highlights on the structure of the logistics industry
  • How the importance of logistics markets varies by region
  • Outsourcing rates by region for key logistics markets
  • Which logistics markets will grow fastest and why


This report contains

  • Concise insight into the factors shaping the global logistics market
  • Analysis of the market fundamentals of each logistics sector
  • Overview of the key trends changing each logistics market
  • Insight into the supply chain technologies supporting logistics operations
  • Market size and forecast data for the total logistics market.


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