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Transport Intelligence Report - Global Freight Forwarding 2018

Global Freight Forwarding 2018 provides a detailed look at major trends and drivers affecting the freight forwarding market in 2018 and beyond.

Knowing the forwarding market is changing is not enough – leaders need to know where the market is headed, how their competitors are reacting, and the steps to take today so they’re in a position to win tomorrow.

Global Freight Forwarding 2018 examines key trends in forwarding that have and will continue to cause profound transformation. These are:

  • The state and disruption of global trade
  • The threats and opportunities tech-enabled forwarders face over the next 5 years
  • The role of freight forwarders in changing global supply chains



Exclusive highlights


  • A case study on the development of battery technology and its impacts on forwarding in the high tech and automotive sectors from Ti’s CEO JMB
  • Ti’s exclusive GFF18 market sizing, which includes 5-year forecasts for the first ever time
  • Analysis of China’s European Landbridge and One Belt, One Road initiatives and the potential effects on modal shift in the forwarding market
  • The changing role of freight forwarders – Ti has undertaken an extensive interview-based research programme with many of the world’s top 20 forwarders, leading freight platforms and industry players to determine the direction of the market and the strategies employed to meet challenges over the next 5 years.


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