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Transport Intelligence Report - European Road Freight Tranport 2018

European Road Freight Transport 2018 provides analysis of how the market is changing by assessing cost structures, EU policy, shippers’ requirements and Brexit.

It then takes a deep dive into the potential of digital freight marketplaces and autonomous vehicles and looks at the practical implementation of these technologies by LSPs.

European Road Freight Transport 2018 examines:

  • Market sizing:
    • Data for European domestic and international road freight market
    • 2017 market sizes
    • 5-year CAGR growth rates 2017-2022
  • Brexit and EU Policy:
    • Analysis of the effects deglobalisation trends (Brexit) and EU policy may have for the road freight sector
  • Digital Freight Marketplaces:
    • Analysis of the potential of digital freight marketplaces and autonomous vehicles and their impact on the market and carriers’ margins
  • Interviews with LSP’s:
    • Case studies on the implementation of different technologies among major LSPs supported by interview evidence
  • Road Freight Provider Profiles:
    • Profiles of major road freight providers – including strategies, finances, technologies used and their implementation
  • European Country Profiles:
    • country profiles for each leading European transport and logistics market, including measures of logistics performance, infrastructure quality, volumes, freight rates and market sizing data


What will you discover?

  • How can road freight companies turn the pressures of technology into potential? What approaches are the leading road freight operators taking towards technology?
  • How will digital freight marketplaces affect the road freight market and carriers’ margins in future?
  • What are the current market risks and how to deal with them?
  • How large is the European domestic and international road freight market and how fast is it growing?



Exclusive highlights


  • Market pressures are growing for LSPs as new technologies and market entrants challenge existing business models. As shippers’ own implementation of technology increases, large LSPs will need to move quickly to convince their clients that they offer technologically superior solutions.
  • The European road freight market grew by 4.5% in nominal terms in 2017
  • What are the real and potential effects of Brexit for road freight providers?
  • The legislative process of the first EC Mobility Package has hit roadblocks.


Comparative Analysis of Leading Road Freight Providers -

Comparisons of:

  • Approach to and implementation of technology
  • Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial performance – margins in road freight transport logistics
  • Approach to strategic threats – deglobalisation, shifts in vertical sectors


This report is available to download today – if you would like a sample of the report please click here (pending)