Zim Kingston Source Canadian Coast guard

Danaos Shipping, the owner of the Zim Kingston, which lost containers overboard last weekend, causing a container fire, has said the Canadian Coast Guard has allowed technical experts, firefighters and crew to board the vessel.

Two firefighters boarded yesterday to assess the fire and potential hazards from dangerous cargo, with four colleagues expected to join them later.

Danaos said the firefighters would “be joined later today by an expert team who will be responsible for the final report to the Canadian Coast Guard before the Zim Kingston is cleared to enter the port of Vancouver”.

Following the outbreak of the fire the ship’s master ordered 16 of the crew to evacuate, aided by the Canadian Coast Guard, while the master and a few key crew remained on board to assist firefighters. No crew injuries have been reported and the fire is now under control, said the company.

Danaos has commissioned a team of experts to make certain conditions are safe for the return of the vessel’s crew.

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