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Xiamen Airport has been badly damaged by Typhoon Meranti, according to Flightglobal. While there is no information on the airport’s website at the moment, flights have been cancelled and delayed. Flightglobal notes that a “number of parked aircraft have been moved and others damaged by flying debris. A number of aircraft have been damaged inside hangars as a result of structural damage to the facilities”.

The typhoon also struck Taiwan, impacting Kaohsiung port, while a 14,000teu newbuild, ironically named YM Wind, broke from its moorings. Splash24/7 has the story – and footage of containers blowing off the stack. More footage of the typhoon, and a giant inflatable moon made for the Moon Festival that also broke free and bounced through the city of Fuzhou is worth a watch. Go here, and scroll down a little.

It’s unrelated to the weather, but in other news on disruptions, France’s air traffic controllers are on strike for the 14th time this year. Expect delays.


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