hong kong © Pindiyath100
© Pindiyath

The view from the quaysides of Hong Kong and elsewhere in the Pearl River Delta, with The South China Morning Post interviewing Chinese shippers on the likely carnage coming to their businesses following the imposition of new tariff levels by the US. “This will kill our market because our products have a 12-15% margin. And imposing a 25% tariff would kill our profits,” one said. And, according to another, US authorities have already subtly fired the opening salvoes in the trade war: “Last month a really big shipment of mine got stopped in Los Angeles. It really started seven, eight months ago when my first shipment got stopped in New York. And then it’s just been consecutively, maybe every three or four months, one shipment will be stopped. In the five or six years I’ve been in this industry, I would say before these 12 months I have experienced two shipments being stopped.”


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