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The introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) in India on 1 July, replacing the myriad state taxes which made inter-state freight transport and logistics a continual headache for shippers and transport providers alike, has been a mess. GST was predicted to be a panacea for the logistics sector, particularly as it would have introduced an “e-waybill” for consignments worth over $1,000 that would have negated the need for physical inspection of trucks at state borders. Well, it hasn’t happened: inspections and delays continue and now truckers have gone on strike to protest, according to Indian publication First Post. “Never more than now, as India’s truckers and goods transporters continue to struggle with state enforcement machineries like in the pre-GST days, even as they complain about high input cost structure and under-the-radar goods’ transportation continues unabated.”

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