Electric engines for quarry dump trucks. Manufacture of automobiles
ID 131064049 © Maksim Safaniuk | Dreamstime.comautomobiles

…will almost certainly be televised… Sorry, couldn’t resist. This op-ed in UK business publication City AM and authored by a Schroders analyst argues that the electrification of the global passenger car fleet may take a lot longer than currently envisioned, mainly due to the need for huge new battery production facilities. In contrast, the logistics industry is likely to turn to electric vehicles much quicker. “Electric vehicles are also ideally suited to commercial use on short-haul delivery networks, as the vehicles return to the local depot once a day to be recharged. Companies that rely on large delivery fleets are aggressively converting their vans and trucks to electric. This is partly a result of city authorities rapidly tightening emission regulations. But it’s also simply because electric is cheaper.”


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