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Normally publicity-shy Seabury has completed the research it publishes annually. Noting that 2016 was always going to be tricky in comparative terms, following the west coast port disruption in 2015, the consultancy tried, as ever, to find a note of optimism. Yes, the first half was lacklustre, with poor demand, rates and yields. But perishables showed good signs of growth, with flowers blooming above all else, and the sector ‘almost single-handedly offset the decline in volumes of some key high-value commodities – high-tech and automotive’. Although this was published before November’s strong peak was starting to show, Seabury anticipated that demand for hi-tech and e-commerce should help the year end well.

And for 2017? As everyone knows, consultants don’t like to pin their colours to the mast, (as we say in the UK), or stick their necks out, and in true form, Seabury says there will be good news and bad. Moderately positive global economic growth, and more perishables, but continued overcapacity. Worth a read of this PDF from Airline Cargo Management.

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