If anyone was in any doubt over Qatar Airways’ concerns over its Airbus paint issues, the carrier has issued a video detailing the problems on its A350s.

Airbus has claimed the issues are cosmetic, but the problems shown in the video look unlikely to tempt passengers to fly on the affected aircraft. Qatar has grounded 21 A350s.

The carrier, which is suing Airbus in a London court,said: “As this video clearly shows, these defects are not superficial and one of the defects causes the aircraft’s lightning protection system to be exposed and damaged, another defect leaves the underlying composite structure exposed to moisture and ultraviolet light, and other defects include cracking in the composite and damage around a high percentage of rivets on the aircraft fuselage. We welcome the decision of the court to expedite this issue and order a hearing in April in an effort to bring about a more rapid resolution to the dispute.”

It called for Airbus to “undertake a thorough investigation”. It said it would not take delivery of any further Airbus aircraft, but also condemned Airbus for cancelling its order for 50 A321 neo aircraft.

“We confirm that we are adhering to all of our obligations under all applicable contracts. It is therefore a matter of considerable regret and frustration that Airbus has taken the apparent decision to expand and escalate this dispute.”


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