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Indian logistics operators must increase diversity within their workforce if they are to succeed in the future.

The executive director of Awesome, Nancy Nix, told delegates at Fiata’s World Congress in Delhi last week that homogenised workforces were less effective than those more diverse.

“Particularly when you look at leadership teams; those that look the same are often a loss less effective than those that don’t,” she added.



“This problem isn’t exclusive to India. In the US, women also make up a small percentage of logistics workers, and that percentage shrinks as you move up through levels of seniority.”

According to reports, women working in the Indian logistics sector only account for about 20% of the workforce.

However, this looks set to increase, with indications that this figure will rise to more than 25% within three years.

Partner at JBS Group Samir Shah said: “What we are seeing is the Indian government – both at federal and state level – trying to encourage more women into the workforce.

“They are working very hard on capacity building in the workforce, with financial incentives to keep young women in education.”

A federal scheme covers the education costs for all women up to the age of 18, and local initiatives are going beyond this.

“Various state legislatures have implemented their own initiatives to encourage young women into what are traditionally seen as male roles,” Mr Shah said.

“This includes funding graduate studies. The focus is very much growing.”

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