On the morning of December 18, HMM held a “2018 Sales Strategy Meeting” to prepare sales strategies for the next year.

At the meeting held on 18-22 December 2017, approximately 150 people attended including HMM President & CEO C.K. YOO, and 50 HMM expatriates in US, EU, and Asia etc, and discussed each unit’s sales strategy and a detailed promotion plan for 2018.

Mr. C.K. YOO said in the meeting that “During the last year, HMM has faced many changes such as regaining customer trust, recovering profitability, and ranking #1 in service reliability etc.” and that “I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to people of Korea for supporting HMM and to all HMM employees who overcame difficult situations.”

Moreover, Mr. Yoo also commented about a new shipbuilding plan to order 22,000TEU that “This will be the mega-ship building project in accordance with the national expectation for being a leading shipping nation. HMM is now located in the good position to be a world-class leading shipping company by overcoming new environmental regulations starting from 2020.”

In this meeting, HMM will focus on finding ways of strengthening manpower through professional education, and achieving innovative growth through Blockchain technology. Especially, the topic on securing profitability based on the overseas terminal belt (US West Coast – Pusan – Kaohsiung – Algeciras – Rotterdam etc) will be mainly discussed.

Furthermore, more topics about taking a preemptive action of countermeasures to market condition including deploying new vessels, opening new services, expanding business network, or reducing operation costs etc will be addressed.

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