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The Heisenberg writes: “You know, it’s funny. On Friday morning, after we ran a very short and very straightforward post documenting the latest rumor that John Kelly was on his way out as White House Chief of Staff, one reader decided to send me an e-mail suggesting that we shouldn’t be in the business of spreading rumors. To be clear, the “rumor” of John Kelly’s desire to extricate himself from 1600 Penn. and otherwise distance himself from the train wreck that is the Trump administration ceased to be a “rumor” a long, long time ago. While the timing of his exit was always the subject of considerable debate, exactly nobody with any common sense believed he would stick around through 2020. Really, it’s a small miracle Kelly didn’t resign after Trump figuratively dug up his dead son in the course of waging an absurd war of words with the widow of a fallen soldier 14 months ago.”

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