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Boom!, the cross-industry community of female supply chain professionals, is asking the industry – both men and women – to complete a survey on career progression.

The survey will examine career prospects and plans, as well as perspectives on equal opportunities in supply chain professions.

Boom! wants to poll practitioners, consultants and vendors to gain a grass root view on issues such as career obstacles and enablers, mentoring and leadership development and work-life balance.

“It’s clear that the focus many companies have put on increasing the number of women at senior leadership levels in supply chain is beginning to have an impact,” said Beth Morgan, founder & CEO of Boom!

“At the same time, research suggests that there are still far fewer women to develop and promote up from lower down the pipeline. This means that not only will it become more difficult to maintain the level of representation at higher levels, it will become even more challenging to increase it.

“Now is the time to review potential obstacles and assess what can be done to enable equitable progression earlier in their careers.”

The survey – open to all employees across the supply chain – can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/careerprogressioninsupplychain.

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