Andrew Peeler

UK parcel carrier Yodel’s chief financial officer, Andrew Peeler, has become its new chief executive officer.

He takes over from Mike Cooper, who is moving to become chief executive of Eurostar.

Yodel executive chairman Dick Stead said: “Over the past two years, Mike has put client and customer insight at the heart of Yodel. Under his leadership, Yodel has seen improved service levels and greater customer satisfaction.”

Mr Peeler joined Yodel in September as chief financial officer, after a stint at Bupa’s Australia and New Zealand unit. Before that he was involved in a successful transformation acquisition for Cadbury Schweppes in the US and the financial recovery of Premier Foods.

He said: “The last four months have been an exciting introduction to Yodel. I am delighted to take on the CEO role, particularly to work with such an experienced leadership team. We look forward to completing the business transformation and firmly establishing Yodel as the retailers’ carrier of choice.”

Mr Stead added: “I am very pleased that Andrew has accepted the challenge. He has demonstrated rigour and focus and provided clear direction and is passionate about investing in people to build a successful future.”

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  • Stephen Dearman

    January 13, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    Happy to to hear Mr peeler say’s ‘He’s a investor in people ‘as the current situation regarding the dwindling pool of experienced professional HGV drivers in the UK is starting to have a affect on large transport and logistics companies .. core staff and agency staff levels can be a balancing act flexibly plays a key role in the home delivery percentage and can be a tightrope to walk on a Daily basis for transport planers to get Right … therefore keeping the driver agency’s on side when the workload has slowed down i.e after peak period ‘has always been in the transport operators interest ‘even if it is at the core Drivers expense i.e overtime. However as the HGV shortage ‘or so called shortage takes a hold ‘those Agency Drivers will be given to the best price going ‘so as sure as sunshine the company who offers the highest rates and best conditions will get the cream ..Far Better to invest then in attracting Drivers Direct i.e Core Drivers with good credentials and driving experience than allowing untrained bottom of the Barrel carefree individuals who can hardly handle a 44 ton Articulated truck with sometimes thousands of pounds of damage.. If investment is needed Mr peeler ‘I urge you ‘please to place your trust in the Drivers of Yodel sir …after all ‘its the Drivers who deliver the essentials for our very excistence Be in the Vanguard sir as the driver shortage starts to take its toll..