Nathan Coats

This kind of article is going to become increasingly prevalent – and the air cargo industry needs to form a strategy, now.

Reuters has examined Amazon’s commitment to be net carbon neutral by 2040 – and set that against its soaring use of aircraft. It points to Amazon Air’s July figures, which saw 29% year-on-year growth (although it is worth noting that Amazon and e-commerce is not in a vacuum; people are not buying more, they are just buying more from Amazon, so someone else’s emissions may have fallen).

Amazon has countered by saying that its same-day services will cut the use of airfreight, as distribution will be more local, although it has not said how those goods will get to local warehouses.

Emissions is a thorny subject, especially when looked at in the context of just one player. It makes more sense to look at the overall emissions picture and for every airline to take action.

And while we’re at it, let’s get rid, right now, of non-biodegradable plastic wrapping in air cargo. There is simply no excuse not to. It would be a step in the right direction for some of transport’s biggest polluters.

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