Air Cargo India starts this month in Mumbai

23rd Feb 2016 - 25th Feb 2016
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A country which represents a population of 1.28 billion in a continent notable for its large size and densely populated (4.4 billion people) and that of Asia accounts for roughly 60 percent of the planet’s human population.

Knowing the economy is going to expand and that Asia is leading the world out of the recession for many – representing a seismic shift in the world economy. If you look at India, it is under developed, now developing so the opportunities here are phenomenal.

Today within the domestic sector, 65 percent of freight is transported by surface and 4 0 percent of the hinterlands do not have access to all-weather roads. These are awful challenges in doing business with India, nonetheless, one of the main reasons why cargo firms are so optimistic – they feel faster, better prepared and more nimble than they were.

So despite a lack of infrastructure in certain regions and pockets of volatility, this is a nation that is beginning to show signs of sustainable growth.

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