3PL and tech outift GlobalTranz is targeting further acquisitions in the technology and brokerage space as it looks to grow its market reach. 

Chief technology officer Greg Carter told The Loadstar much of the expertise required for its products was achieved through acquiring tech firms that would know how to utilise data. 

“We have made big investments in our science team that has allowed us to build the perfect algorithmic way for our systems to work,” he added. 

“Expertise is something we are always looking for and we will continue to acquire brokerages to help build upon that side of the operation, as well as tech firms to improve systems. 

“And we will look to acquire new knowledge, maybe on the reefer side, and while I cannot give specifics, I can say some deals are already in the pipeline.” 

He said M&A had supported its development of its automated movement planning system, GTZamp. 

“Today’s shippers are challenged by increasingly complex supply chains, heightened customer demands, and capacity shortages,” he said. “GTZamp answers that need with functionality that pre-plans routes with multiple movements in order to create efficiencies, reduce costs and give shippers a competitive edge.” 

Mr Carter said GlobalTranz was “in a unique position”, having operated as a 3PL since 2006 and, as such, had collected a “large body of data”. 

“Because we have more than a decade’s worth, we can ensure those using the system are better matched,” he said. “And we have a team working 24/7 that not only ensures the right match for a load in seconds, but also provides analysis.” 

He claimed that part of the benefit of GlobalTranz’s TMS systems was the simple way to sign up, become certified and maintain compliance with the various US regulations hauliers require. 

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