A sort of open letter to freight forwarders and logistics providers from a shipper. It’s a checklist of the dos and don’ts on winning and retaining business, the chief of which is transparency. Abandon the list of abbreviations that forwarders routinely reel off at any business pitch and understand the core concerns of potential clients. Like many things in life, success depends on doing the simple things well.


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  • Katherine

    November 01, 2018 at 6:06 am

    This article was worth reading !!

  • Rachel

    March 28, 2019 at 4:07 am

    Good post…Really inspiring!!

  • Mike

    April 01, 2019 at 1:52 am

    Sounds like a consignee for a US based manufacturer and not a shipper as the title suggests. While this may be right for his/her preferences, it only represents a small demographic. I note that the article is a few years old, so would be interested to see an updated interview. More often, I see clients who wish to build genuine partnership with their providers. There are some valid points raised in the article, but as supply chain and logistics impacts the C-suite further and companies move to a cyclical tender process, it becomes more an more important to ‘know your customer’ and become even more involved with them on a regular basis.